Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today while I was preparing Matthew's lunch, he disappeared and got really quiet.  Which usually only means one thing-he stole a nukkie out of his crib.  I quietly walked to his room and this is what I found:

Oh and for some reason all of a sudden, he doesn't like to wear clothes.
 I at least got him to put a sweatshirt on this morning.
Whenever he only has a diaper on, he is a happier go lucky boy.
You should see him just before bathtime when he gets to be diaper free.  He squeals and runs!  And yes we have had little piddles a few times.
He said a new word today!  He is starting to repeat a lot of the things we say.  He repeated Scott today when he said, "Maybe".


Keilani said...

What a silly boy you are Matthew! As long as you stay warm with no clothes on! Grandma G loves you very much & also misses you. It looks like you were having bunches of fun today. What a smiler you are!

Mike and Katie said...

He looks so proud of himself!