Friday, December 19, 2008

Daddy's Boy

Matthew sure is a daddy's boy. He is so happy and smiley when Scott gets home from work. Matthew even likes to listen to Scott on the speaker phone. When Scott is talking to him on the phone he studies the phone and almost always smiles.
Matthew must not have been feeling well yesterday in the late afternoon/evening or maybe was teething. He was fussy and spit up almost everything every time that he ate (or he would just chew on the nipple and let the formula run out of his mouth). He did good last night about midnight when he finally wanted to eat. He only spit up a small amount. He seems to be feeling better today!
He has discovered his hands! He always wants his hands on his bottle and will push it out of his mouth and then gets mad because it's not there.
He is so funny when he is waking up. When he first starts to wake up he is grumpy and squirms everywhere but once you put him on the changing table he instantly gives us a smile.

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