Saturday, April 7, 2012


Yesterday, we had a fun afternoon of fishing!
Matthew has a cute little Spongebob fishing pole.

 He got bored and started playing with the fish with sticks and weeds.
 While he was off playing, I used his little Spongebob pole and this is what I caught.
All the people around us were laughing at me!
We had to throw him back because he is not in season.
 Matthew with my fish caught be his pole.
 Off playing again!
 Playing with the minnows
 Off playing with a bag of chips
I think he likes to fish cuz he gets snacks/treats.
 Fishing again
 Look what Matthew caught! 
It was a fun day!  We only caught 6 little sunfish that were keepers.  It made a nice little meal for us.

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