Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Isn't this picture just the cutest picture you ever seen?
Bless You!
It took a little asking but I finally got him to let me take some cute pictures.

After I took all the cute smiley pictures I realized that he has some wild hair.
He had just got up from his nap and wanted to play outside.


Mike and Katie said...

He looks so grown up in the second photo. My girls ask to go outside as soon as the wake up from naps too. I'm happy to go too but the housework...well that's another story. Ah well, babies don't keep!

Keilani said...

Aww... such nice pictures of all of you! They grow up way too fast don't they??? Grandma G has something she needs to bring to you.. maybe soon? Love you..hugs & kisses!