Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

It's Matthew's 1st Thanksgiving. We are so very thankful for Matthew's birthparents and the difficult decision that they made. Oh the holidays! We are SO excited especially for Christmas. I put up our Christmas tree this past week and have the house almost all decorated. I will finish this weekend so that I can get the house cleaned up. We can sure tell it is the holiday season. Next week and most of December is a very busy time for us.

Matthew slept really good last night. We had to pick up a few things in town last night and he fell asleep while we were shopping about 8:30 and when we got home we just left him in his car seat and he slept until 2:30 this morning. After he ate he went back to sleep for a couple hours but then woke up fussing a little but Scott brought him out to the couch to sleep and he slept for another hour and a half. Maybe he is finally getting his days and nights figured out or maybe it is the new formula.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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